Your Initial Visit

Welcome to our premier wellness protocol of Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) and Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) at Sea Change New York! NSA/SRI plays a significant role in establishing a more effective brain-body connection and releases stored tension. The care in this office is focused on optimizing the health and function of your body-mind. Professionals from all arenas recommend and successfully integrate this innovative and effective treatment for enhancement of body, mind and soul performance at every level of their lives.

Your first step towards peak health and wellbeing is to schedule an integrated wellness appointment. Then, we need you to download and complete this personal history form which asks you about not only physical stresses but emotional, mental and chemical stresses as well as lifestyle choices which can accumulate and show up in your body-mind as stress physiology and defense posture.

Please read the statement of purpose at the end of the document for Dr. Musso and Michelle Cacciatore, then sign the bottom. Email, fax or drop off the completed forms within 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. This will give Dr. Musso and her team the chance to thoroughly review your concerns and be fully prepared for your integrated wellness appointment.

We are excited to have the opportunity to meet with you and to share the gift of renewed health wellbeing with you.