Our Mission

Sea Change New York (SCNY) is a premiere Wellness Center, providing an exceptional opportunity for our community to experience the leading edge developments in health and well being. SCHC offers integrated healing systems based on nurturing and sustaining the physical being as well as acknowledging the importance of spiritual and social wholeness. SCHC offers a collaborative team of professionals who provide individual intake and assessment and work together to determine the best overall approach for a person’s path to Wellness. The Sea Change Wellness model tackles dis-ease and sickness while supporting a transition into a state of grace and wellness in which the body-mind can live drug and illness free in optimum health and vitality. SCHC views Wellness as an opportunity to connect to the body’s own innate intelligence and respond to the cues that it is signaling. Wellness means having a greater sense of peace, safety, and ease in one’s life. Sea Change New York supports the fulfillment of health and wellness lifestyle.

Our Uniqueness

Our services may be used as a complete treatment plan or integrated with more conventional and western approaches for health and wellness.

What distinguishes Sea Change New York is its vitalistic approach to healing. Our offerings not only create and restore health to the physical body but also assist the body-mind in learning from the crisis or dis-ease process. Healing can be spontaneous and natural; providing the body-mind with confidence and trust while innately allowing the body to release what it no longer needs or is holding – physically, emotionally, chemically and energetically. The Sea Change New York model of health and wellness promotes a shift in consciousness guiding changes in life and lifestyle naturally…

We don’t manage symptoms but rather assist in creating health with improved quality of life results. Sea Change New York is designed and implemented around an innovative healthcare model that honors the individual’s own process of healing. Our teams of professional practitioners individually and collectively design treatment plans, classes, workshops to educate, support and awaken clients throughout the healing process. healing is a journey of learning, self-discovery, and empowerment, resulting in better perception, increased participation, and wholeness. As old beliefs and rituals peel away, clients begin to see marked differences in their health and quality of life. Sea Change New York provides the transitional methodologies and supports to embrace new perspectives of health and lifestyle. This process promotes wholeness – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Healthier people make healthier lifestyle choices resulting in a more effective quality of life. This is Sea Change New York’s principal goal!

The Assessment Process

One unique difference at Sea Change New York is the extensive personal evaluation and assessment process designed to understand the client’s physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, as well as their personal health care and lifestyle concerns. Practitioners work hand-in-hand with clients to determine whether a current wellness plan is working, or where it is deficient. Together, client and practitioner establish healthcare goals, assist the successful completion of those goals, and chart a course towards a new level of healing. This unique assessment process honors clients at their level of the healing process – leaving the depth and scope of an individual’s commitment to optimum health and healing in their own hands.

At Sea Change New York we empower people to take responsibility for their health and well-being, to discover and utilize the tools to take care of themselves – physically, emotionally and spiritually. We approach health and healing in a compassionate manner, with a focus on wellness and prevention and greater participation of the client in the joy of living. This collaborative approach returns integrative medicine back to its roots – caring for the whole person with a better quality of life results as the ultimate aim.