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About Dr. Deborah Musso

For the past 23 plus years, Dr. Deborah Musso has been at the forefront of the chiropractic profession and the global wellness development. Dr. Deborah Musso is the founder and developer of Sea Change New York a premiere wellness center in Manhattan and Sea Change East, located in Sag Harbor, Long Island. Both are successful practices featuring the wellness protocol of Network Spinal Analysis and Somato Respiratory Integration- revolutionary modalities promoting enhanced well-being, and reorganization healing, resulting in sustainable stress-free living and enhanced quality of life. She uses both hands-on touch and wellness coaching, Dr. Deb provides the needed support and resources to better manage all aspects of daily living and health.

Dr. DeborahA Musso pursued her undergraduate degree at University of California, Berkeley. She was awarded the Doctor of Chiropractic Degree in 1987 from New York Chiropractic College and received a clinical excellence award at graduation. Dr. Musso serves on the Board of Directors for the Association for Network Chiropractors. She serves as Staff Doctor at Dr. Epsteins Transformational Healing Weekends.

Deborah Musso writes a bimonthly column, “Healthy Lifetime,” which appears in a weekly New York City newspaper. Her articles on health and healing have been published in numerous professional and mainstream publications.

Deborah Musso is a well-known teacher, lecturer and health facilitator, and has appeared on local and national television and in various consumer and business magazines and newspapers

Dr. Musso is the wellness coach” to health care professionals, health centers, businesses and individuals seeking to express more of their potential.

Deborah Musso is the Co-Founder of WDL, Wellness Development Lifestyle, with Ginny Nadler, A success wellness coaching and consulting company providing Transformative lifestyle wellness programs to corporations and individuals.

For those seeking revolutionary and practical means of advancing their human condition, Dr. Musso is a leader in worldwide wellness, as well as one of the true sages and genuine visionaries of growth, human potential and body/mind healing.

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About Ginny Nadler

Ginny Nadler, wellness educator, mentor teacher, and leader in the Wellness Revolution is the founder and CEO of CoreBodyWisdom LLC. Our vision is to promote sustainability principals and health and wellness practices at home, in our business, and in the community.

As an Iyengar Yoga Student, Instructor and Movement Therapist in the late 1970s and early 1980s, seeing and experiencing bodies out of balance and in pain, awakened the commitment to find a way to unravel the layers of deformed muscle creating pain and injury through years of misuse and misalignment. In California, while pursuing a Masters Degree in Holistic Health with a specialty in Nutrition, Ms. Nadler joined the San Andreas Health Council, the first Holistic Health Center in the United States. In these early and mid years of the 80s, Ginny created and implemented Wellness Programs fostering Sustainable Lifestyle Change in Silicon Valley Corporations. She created programs in Public Schools for young women dancers who were anorexic and bulimic and co-created A Woman’s Workshop on self-esteem, becoming a leading wellness educator and a visionary leader committed to mutual self-help support.

In 1993 her vision led her to New Haven, Connecticut where she co-created and directed The Yoga Studio and Spa as part of The Urban Global Healing Center. Here, Ms. Nadler created a Wellness Center in the inner city, introduced alternative therapeutic approaches for sustainable empowered wellness lifestyle change to a community unfamiliar with holistic therapies, bringing experts in a variety of fields together; established teacher-training programs; a yoga protocol for people suffering with asthma in conjunction with Yale/Griffin Hospitals; a program for incarcerated young women; and worked with hundreds of students whose ages ranged from teens to elders in their 90s.

Ginny Nadler is the Co Founder of WDL, Wellness Development Lifestyle, with Dr. Deborah Musso, A Success Wellness Coaching and Consulting Company providing transformative lifestyle wellness programs to corporations and individuals.